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Ubiquitous Mobile Coverage is now regarded as being essential to business.
Modern built environments create a challenge for mobile coverage.

At RedstoneConnect we understand that mobility is critical to the efficiency of businesses in the digital economy. Our specialist in-house team has more than 35 years of experience working in cellular coverage solutions.

80% of all business mobile calls are made between two indoor locations yet 68% offices suffer coverage problems

Access to excellent cellular mobile voice and data services is an essential work tool.

Getting it right results in a building that is more desirable to tenants, staff and occupiers and can even influence premium rental and market price.

RedstoneConnect are uniquely positioned to provide a range of services, all focused on simplifying the complex task of providing coverage in buildings where there is none. 

Not only do our RedstoneConnect IBC solutions give employees the freedom to communicate anywhere in the office environment, there are also key operational savings to be made through multi-operator network access  agreements.

IBC Services

The cellular coverage sector is highly regulated. Working in the sector requires specialist knowledge and relies on trusting relationships with the key stakeholders.

RedstoneConnect have those relationships, built over many years while delivering the most challenging coverage solutions in high profile locations ranging from Heathrow Airport to the Bank of England.

Here in the UK, misuse of the Mobile Phone Networks carries a large fine and the possibility of custodial sentence. 
A detailed appreciation of the legislation is essential to protect the individual and the significant investment in these solutions.

Based on a simple, all inclusive monthly or quarterly payment and working within the regulatory environment with the stakeholders, RedstoneConnect will provide a high quality and robust ‘coverage as a service’ solution.

Perfect voice and data services drive efficiency and ease the introduction of new working practices such as BYOD and COPE.

IBC Services

Coverage solutions have advanced greatly in the last few years – the digital revolution has arrived in the sector thanks to RedstoneConnect. Our detailed appreciation of advances in building infrastructure lead us to champion Ethernet based solutions.

RedstoneConnect was the first to provide a full Digital, multi-Operator DAS in the UK in June 2016, which serves 6,500 mobile users working in UBS's prestigious 5 Broadgate development in the City of London.

A typical analogue IBC head end occupies space equivalent to £90,000 in annual rent.

With no need for the installation of cumbersome dedicated feeder cables the time taken to install an IBC solution has reduced significantly, particularly as a retrofit.

IBC is now Plug and Use and with the added benefit of PoE front end powered devices is more scalable than ever before. Use of digital technology at the backend brings the advantage of distributing the radio equipment; traditionally a problem of space usage, particularly in high value properties, to less costly locations, in some cases up to 70 kilometres away

IBC Services
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80% of mobile calls are made between two indoor locations, yet 68% of office space in London reports coverage issues; only 2% of office space has a targeted solution.

Todays enterprise has moved more than ever toward mobility; it is an agile world and will become more so. . If they have the budget, the Operators no longer have the ability to assist more than the most high profile of developments. This situation is intolerable.

In today’s world mobile Not-Spots do not have to be tolerated.

No matter the age of a large building; whether it be 2 years or 200 years old, it will suffer from coverage problems without a targeted solution. The latest environmental initiatives, such as BREAAM only compound the problem by introducing thermal efficient glazing, which by its nature is efficient at screening the high frequency radio signals used by mobile phones.

RedstoneConnect have the ability to serve Enterprise in this area. Our market knowledge, technology reach, 24-hour support structure and financing capabilities make RedstoneConnect the number one choice to provide the most effective multi-operator, multi-service IBC solutions.

IBC Services

It is a fact that being in constant contact with family, friends and work colleagues has become a major factor in personal well-being.

Research indicates employees benefiting from excellent mobile access, through a device of their choice, are generally happier and more productive than those who are not. 

90% of companies’ operating costs are spent on people, so even a small gain in productivity and engagement makes financial sense.

Introduction of initiatives that support the above such as Bring-your-own-Device is hindered considerably by lack of constant access to the network. A RedstoneConnect IBC solution will deliver a benefit that all Networks can enjoy, the same high level of service. In some cases, the efficiencies this brings have been used toward the funding of the IBC solution.

Staff, guests, contractors and other visitors will all benefit from the presence of their home networks IBC coverage and without the need to run special apps or log-in to any third-party services.

Its proven that developments enjoying IBC coverage are more highly prized than those without. IBC creates truly flexible workspace.

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