RedStone Connect


Enhance visitor & staff experience

Our industry-leading mapping and wayfinding produces 2D, 3D plans and maps of your estate and then implements a multilevel point-to-point routing service including find my nearest and locate a colleague, neighbourhood, facility or seat. Beacon and mobile location service integration enables live routing including augmented reality wayfinding with real-time push notifications and other location based services.

Quick identification

In a workplace with several meeting rooms, our Wayfinder provides visitors and meeting attendees with wayfinding arrows and up-to-date meeting information at a glance, including: meeting room name, meeting title and host name. This helps meeting attendees to quickly identify the correct meeting room.

The connected office made simple Book A Demo

Key for us was that the app looked ‘different’ and reflected the exciting, dynamic brand that is GSK. Connect Labs’s creative team went beyond our expectations with the design that was finally chosen while the technical group applied the functionality required to make the app a success.

Chris Higgins, GSK, Business Process Partner

Product Features

  • Desktop

    Locate a desk easily

    Industry leading 2D/3D interactive floor plans and wayfinding solutions help staff book and locate desks.

  • Desktop

    Intuitive search facility

    Easily locate a neighbourhood or colleague and book a desk in the same location.

  • Desktop

    Book a meeting room

    Locate meeting rooms and see availbility in real time.

  • Desktop

    Customised Requirements

    Create neighbourhoods, group and desk attributes that help a user identify what they require quickly

  • Desktop

    Mobile & kiosk

    Available on your mobile or through touchscreen kiosks OneSpace provides a seamless wayfinding experience.

  • Desktop

    Multiple Sites

    Our wayfinding solution is scalable about to allow staff and visitors to navigate a single building or across a campus.