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Gain a unique advantage

With office occupancy as low as 39% in some workplaces it makes sense to gain insight to how your workspace is being utlised. Our unique software platform OneSpace, manages and reports on the spaces within your real-estate whether you are an owner or occupier across single or multiple floors, the building, campus or your portfolio.

We are able to track Space utilisation at a desk level, as well as occupancy & utilisation of meeting rooms and collaborative spaces.

Unique to OneSpace™ – we are able to track and monitor workspace utilisation via our Software Only Sensor. Tracking accurately without the need for a physical sensor means the solution can be deployed rapidly across your real-estate, without disruption to the workplace and delivering accurate real-time analysis of your space.

We can also deploy physical sensors for tracking and monitoring workspace utilisation, air quality, movement, humidity & occupancy, constantly evolving the value gained from IoT.
This allows you to create an engaging productive workplace protecting the wellbeing of your employees, whilst managing your real-estate effectively and maximising the usage of space whether in a single office or global portfolio.

Benefits of Sensor Technology

Limited installation costs

Replace expensive walk-through audits with our discreet sensors that can be used temporarily or permanently to give you insight into your workspace usage.

Understand your real estate

OneSpace helps you understand one of your largest expenses, your real estate. Usage data collected by our sensors lets you cut costs by pinpointing what you need, and how to adapt it to your dynamic workforce.

No impact on IT

As OneSpace can be deployed as a cloud-based solution there is no negative impact to your IT department.

Understand your space

Under-used or in short supply – see instantly if your desks and working spaces are meeting demand with OneSpace.

The connected office made simple Book A Demo

OneSpace is changing how we work at UBM. We have been able to configure the workplace for great employee satisfaction and we demonstrate as a modern business that we are open to innovation. We can now offer a solution which employees can interact with, while meeting our needs for intelligent data to make future business decisions for enhanced employee involvement.

Product Features

  • Desktop

    Soft sensors

    Managing and tracking utilisation for desks whether a docking station, thin client, desktop or laptop policy our soft sensor can be deployed without disruption to the workplace as part of a space utilisation study or continual monitoring for full desk management and booking.

  • Desktop

    Physical sensors

    Managing occupancy and utilisation, we can deploy or integrate with IoT devices, whether for a new build or retro fit of an existing space or building. Measuring environmental data from heat, humidity and air quality, to desk utilisation, people movement and occupancy. Our physical sensor solutions are easy to install & start collecting data, often combined with our soft sensor to track every layer of space occupancy, utilisation and behaviour.

  • Desktop

    Real time reporting

    The OneSpace Management Information Sytem shows real time reporting allowing for effective management of resourses and space utilisation. Start collecting and reporting on every layer of space occupancy imdediately.