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Truly understand your space

OneSpace Software encompassess a real-time reporting solution that enables you to closely monitor utilisation of meeting rooms and track usage. Reports can be effortlessly exported as excel or PDF enabling you to present statistics when you need to.

OneSpace™ analyses your live and historical usage data so that you can understand exactly how your buildings, rooms, desks and spaces are used. 

With dashboard and programmable triggers, OneSpace™ gives a live view of your building enabling real-time reaction to changing circumstances.

Benefits of Reporting & Analytics

View booking statistics

Understand how your space is being used to make more informed decisions.

Monitor no-shows

Track no shows and identify which meeting rooms and desks are being left empty.

Monitor staff and visitors

Identify the number of visitors and staff entering your building on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Track peak times of arrival and view historical data

Review catering costs

OneSpace allows you to track all costs associated with a meeting for internal charging or invoicing.

Integrate everything

With OneSpace your Outlook calendar is plugged right into the OneSpace panel, our complete, cloud-enabled digital signage solution. Real-time information, room touch panels, reception display screens, visitor check-ins, wayfinding, even floor plans and room images: it’s all at your fingertips on desktop, tablet or smartphone. Both the OneSpace Panel and the OneSpace MS Outlook plug-in are 100% scalable, providing a solution that will grow with your organisation.

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