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Meetings made magnificent

Simple, effective meetings create a better experience for everyone. The Evoko Liso panel is the perfect room-booking tool for any fast-paced work environment. Sleek, stylish and intuitive, it even works seamlessly with your Outlook calendar – giving you complete control.

With its stylish Swedish design and high resolution 8-inch capacities touchscreen, the Evoko Liso panel is a joy to use. Its simple, intuitive interface puts all the information you need literally at your fingertips. The panel’s red and green status lights show you instantly whether rooms are occupied, booked or available. The display is truly interactive, waking up and updating automatically when you walk up to it – ensuring that the most relevant information is always ready and waiting for you.

Benefits of Evoko Liso

Smoother meetings

Put an end to double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings

Maximise real estate usage

OneSpace provides you with statistics to optimze your resources and improve your meeting culture. Each screen collects real time data to help you create a dynamic workspace.

Availability at a glance

The panels red, green aura light lets you quickly scan for free rooms. These status lights let you see instantly if rooms are occupied, booked, or available.

Free up meeting rooms

Our panel allows you to free up meeting rooms that are not being used instantly.

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Take the hassle out of room bookings

Put an end to confusion, double bookings and interrupted meetings. With our Evoko Liso panel you can easily find and book a room based on location, availability, size and equipment. A simple-to-use panel outside each room clearly displays the status of all your organisation’s rooms in real time, allowing you to make, change or cancel any booking at a touch – even for ad hoc meetings. The information is constantly updated, and our best-in-class interactive features allow users to check in and out, automatically freeing up the room in the event of a no-show.


Product Features