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Your desk anywhere, anytime

Understand your space and reduce your real-estate cost with OneSpace. With one powerful tool you can instantly schedule desks, manage bookings, locate neighbourhoods and colleagues.

Find a free desk near a colleague, a department or just near a café in a quiet area.
The interactive map-based kiosk UI shows a live view of the free desks. Colleagues can book with just one touch of their access card at the kiosk, go online, use the mobile app or the instant desk reservation as they dock their laptop or log in at their chosen desk.

Our live multilevel, campus-wide wayfinding solution can then route them to their chosen desk.
Active desk sensing also integrates with desk power and network control systems so that energy efficiencies can be realised by only turning on power supplies when the desk is occupied.

Benefits of Desk Management

Create a dynamic workforce

OneSpace allows you to set up organise, manage and book desks, creating a more dynamic environment for your workforce.

Maximise desk usage

With the average office utilisation as low as 39% OneSpace helps you understand desk usage so you can deliver significant savings to your business.

Reduce costs

Our desk booking solution ensures you maximize the use of your real estate – helping you reduce your energy bill and saving you money.

Understand your space

Our comprehensive reporting provides data onhow often desk are booked and if they are used at all.

The connected office made simple Book A Demo

OneSpace is changing how we work at UBM. We havebeen able to configure the workplace for great employee satisfaction and we demonstrate as a modern business that we are open to innovation. We can now offer a solution which employees can interact with, while meeting our needs for intelligent data to make future business decisions for enhanced employee involvement.

Product Features

  • Desktop

    Locate a desk easily

    Industry leading 2D/3D interactive floor plans and wayfinding solutions help staff book and locate desks.

  • Desktop

    Find your team

    Easily locate a neighbourhood or colleague and book a desk in the same location.

  • Desktop

    Real time reporting

    Real time reporting allows effective management of resourses and space utilisation.

  • Desktop

    Customised Requirements

    Create neighbourhoods, group and desk attributes that help a user identify what they require quickly.

  • Desktop

    Desktop, mobile & kiosk

    Available online, on your mobile or through touchscreen kiosks OneSpace provides a seamless booking experience.

  • Desktop

    Multiple Sites

    OneSpace is a scalable cloud or on premise solution that works across multiple sites.