RedStone Connect

Our Strategy

drives us

Leveraging a 30+ year track record of delivery and a blue-chip customer base, RedstoneConnect Plc is focused on maximising opportunities in and around the ‘Smart Buildings’ and ‘Smart Technologies’ ecosystem.

Converging technologies and the fast growing market of the ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Smart Technologies’ is driving demand for our services.

We are growing by:

  • Continuing to establish our market presence in the high growth ‘Smart Buildings’ and ‘Smart Technologies’ arena
  • Leveraging cross selling opportunities between our businesses and within our existing customer footprint
  • Fully commercialising our new Smart Building’ occupancy management solutions, ‘OneSpace’
  • Investing in R&D that underpins our next generation product development
  • Developing and expanding our annuity revenue through managed and software services
  • Acquiring other businesses which support our strategy of enhancing our portfolio of products and services

Complete smart solutions

RedstoneConnect is focused on technologies that make real estate more efficient and organisations more effective.

  • Connect Labs

    Connect Labs is a software & solutions business, specialising in the delivery of smart working, retail & sports applications for business, employee and consumer engagement.