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Complete Security

Our Managed Platform has robust security tools in place to ensure your data remains private and protected from external attacks. These tools include anti-virus, anti-spam and web filtering as well as advanced treat protection and intrusion detection.

Before we start…

All our clients get the chance to understand their current security position via our Security Audit Service which highlights any immediate security risks by bench marking against the UK Governments Cyber Essentials Scheme


Monthly security reporting

We maintain monthly reports detailing your overall security position. The report includes;
Detailed review of current security policies on a network and local machine basis.
Detailed list of all network ‘Shares’ by computer, highlighting access and permissions.
Detailed list of internet content accessibility.
Detailed list of security holes, warnings from a scan of all 65,535 open ports.

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Email protection

Our clients enjoy market leading email protection via our secure email gateway tools, ensuring all email data is protected against rouge spear-phishing attempts through advanced threat detection and sophisticated encryption layers.

Data monitoring

Our monitoring tools give us the ability to oversee all security threat attempts and adjust our service accordingly.

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