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Cable Management

Gain control with ongoing management of Cable Management Systems (CMS) and Intelligent Infrastructure Management Systems (IIMS).

In order to uphold the accuracy of the database all Installs, Moves, Adds and Changes (iMACS) are planned, executed and subsequently updated using the CMS database. Database verification is carried out by periodic audits. Software updates are handled between our onsite CMS team and the Redstone software development group.

The software development group provides clients with flexibility in choosing how they maximise the potential of their IIMS implementation, providing many options for integration with other business applications and systems. Through this in-house team we are able to directly manage specifications and timeframes, providing rapid response to your needs.

Benefits of our Cable Management

Our service includes the following: 

• CMS/IIM System Database Design & Build

• Workflow & Process Review

• Software Development & Bespoke Tools

• Comprehensive Reporting

• Database Development & Administration

 Service Provisioning (iMAC's)

 Asset Management Integration

 Management Report Generation

 Event Management

 Infrastructure Management

• 3rd Party Systems Integration

• Ongoing System Support

  • Vendors & Accreditations

  • Partner
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