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Our second-generation voice & video platform leverages the market leading software utilised by the likes of BT, Deutsche telecom and Verizon to name a few but is provided with agility and at a price point that makes it attractive to every business.

The unified software agent runs consistently on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android, providing call, chat, presence, meeting management and voice/video conferencing facilities. The core system allows a large variety of handset options and covers the mainstream features such as IVR, groups and queues as well as recording and reporting.

Our mobile service is powered primarily by Three, however is provided with the multi-net option meaning a handset can connect to any network within range under the same minutes/data plan. We provide a wide range of Apple, Windows and Android handsets at wholesale costs.

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Why choose RedstoneConnect?

• Industry leading Broadsoft platform
• Tailored licensing for maximum efficiency
• Basic handset through to unified voice and video experience
• Windows and Mac support
• High quality voice interconnects
• MVNO with Three provides excellent coverage
• Multi-net option for complete mobile coverage
• Low cost wholesale minutes
• Simple monthly subscription model

Simple, smart solutions to support your business needs

Why choose RedstoneConnect?

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We have an unquestionable reputation for delivering both professional IT Support and proactive Managed Services. Forget the traditional 'break-fix' model, we aim to proactively identify & prevent issues before they impact on your business. Let us show you how we can help your business.

    Our clients enjoy 100% scalability, security and resilience, all day, everyday. Our platform is helping our clients create a more efficient and effective workforce. Our fully managed IT solutions can be accessed by any member of staff, on any device, no matter where they are in the world. Our fully managed IT platform is replicated to ensure any disruption in service is minimal (seconds not days) making downtime a thing of the past.
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    We help you get the most out of the cloud, creating power managed cloud services that solve your business problems.
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    Today’s workforce is demanding more user-centric IT services. The way people work, where they work from, and even when they choose to work shapes new user behaviours that IT has to respond to.
    We help organisations accelerate their digital workplace journey with more flexible working styles and more effective collaboration with employees, suppliers, partners and customers.
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    RedstoneConnect brings choice, control and consistency to user support services, reducing downtime, enabling change and enriching the user experience.