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Business Continuity

From 2013 full disaster recovery and business continuity became a standard throughout our service portfolio. From a single virtual server or desktop through to voice and security services, every customer service is subject to multi-site replication and recovery.

Recovery points are maintained for 48 hours from 5 second intervals and recovery of systems can be from 3 minutes if part of the automated DRM system.

Our unique disaster recovery management system (DRM) is an in-house built system that is capable of bespoke application monitoring and event triggering.  We build custom sensors in order to replicate the user or system experience in order to trigger events if they are not behaving as expected.

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Key Facts

• Standard across all services and all locations

• Continuous replication of all systems and data

• Recovery points as small as 5 seconds

• Recovery times a little as 3 minutes

• Supported by fully redundant network architecture

• User experience testing rather than ‘can we ping it’

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Key Vendor Products

Simpana, CommVault – This is our core data protection system.
• Offsite backup of data and applications can occur from every 15 minutes and there is very rich application support (see Backup and Recovery Agents).
• We provide the platform, management and licensing ‘as a service’ all bundled into a single per GB pricing model that is scaled on volume.
• Customer facing portal for granular item recovery or actioned by our service desk – data can be restored to the original location, an alternate, or shipped physically.
• We have run the Simpana service for 8 years as a service provider

Zerto – This fills in the intra-day data loss gaps.
• We operate our Zerto platform with a maximum RPO goal of 60 seconds however if sufficient bandwidth is available the this can normally be around 10 seconds. We then retain 60 second backups of the entire server for default 48 hours (configurable) before we would instead look for data in Commvault.
• Recovery of entire virtual machines to our platform (accessible via MPLS or VPN)
• We have an exclusive Zerto management platform written in-house which provides server and application testing followed by automated Zerto failover workflows. We are the only Zerto partner to offer complete automation as well as extremely specific failover conditions. For example, we have a high frequency trading client, we protect their broker servers with Zerto and every 30 seconds we programmatically test that an end user can buy or sell shares. If the tests fail, we automatically fail over to the redundant copies. The RTO process takes around 4 minutes.
• Pricing is a simple, per protected server plus volume of data. Both costs are discounted according to volume.
• Customer portal contains current disaster recovery status, any current events and ability to suspend pending failures.


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