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Professional Services Case Study
How Cloud Communications Can Help “On-the-Go” Account Teams Stay in Touch with Clients and Colleagues
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The Brief

Julie owns a growing creative agency that specializes in event management, design, and marketing services. Her team is constantly on the go, whether working at a client location, staffing an event or overseeing work performed by vendors. Unfortunately, clients have begun to complain that it is hard to reach key agency contacts when they are working off site. Calls often linger in voicemail until team members return to the office or stop during their busy day to check messages. Even Julie’s own team finds the situation frustrating and is tired of playing phone tag. She is worried that if she doesn’t resolve the problem soon, her revenues will suffer.

The Solution

 If you have team members who need to remain responsive while working away from the office, the challenges Julie faces likely sound familiar. Fortunately, though, there is a simple solution. Cloud-based unified communications services provide a great alternative for any busy firm with out-of-the-office demands.

With telephony delivered as a cloud-based service, you have great flexibility. You and your team can carry your office lines with you wherever you go, eliminating “phone tag” and helping your business build a reputation for responsiveness. Any call made to an office number can be answered on a personal smartphone or on any other mobile device you choose. You can make outbound calls that appear to come from your office line, use secure chat capabilities, launch voice or video conferences, share files — and more — using whatever device is most convenient.

If mobility and responsiveness are issues for your firm, explore the benefits of cloud-based unified communications solutions. Your only regret will likely be that you didn’t do it sooner.

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