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RedstoneConnect offers new MetaTrader platform plugin
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RedstoneConnect offers new MetaTrader platform plugin

RedstoneConnect Plc is one of the world’s leading Software Solutions and Smart Building systems integrators. It helps customers with cost-effective IT solutions, excelling in Cloud Computing and managed IT support services. Strategically based in London, the company is now moving further into the FX trading space.

First Published by e-Forex News: March, 2018

Building on services the firm has already been offering to leading FX technology providers, RedstoneConnect is specifically targeting FX brokers with the launch of OneView UX, a new plugin for the MetaTrader platform. OneView UX is a highly resilient and fully automated solution which offers powerful management, monitoring and reporting tools to protect against the risk of MT4 & MT5 platform downtime.

Alex Parker, Managing Director of Managed Services explained that, “Over the past three years we have built a completely isolated infrastructure to house and support brokers that use the MetaTrader platform. We don’t run it alongside any other types of our customers and it’s a 24 hour - time is money - type of system. In terms of performance and the background service support that we offer, it’s something that is definitely a market leading specification.” OneView UX is a new ‘behind the scenes’ system that aims to replicate the day-to-day user actions in relation to a particular product. In the case of MetaTrader the system will simulate the actions of a MT4/5 trader such as:

  • - Authenticating
  • - Checking account information
  • - Retrieving bid
  • - Ask prices and opening / closing orders

Tests are repeated approximately every 30 seconds but this is configurable. Parker says that, “The tests are not about the basic aspects of a trading system, for example not having enough memory. We are talking about a monitoring system that prevents lost trades and orders, and repeats the process as quickly as it can run.”

The system has a multi-node design meaning that the tests are verified from separate sources to ensure false positives are eliminated. If a test fails it must be verified by 2 or more nodes before the event is logged and a counter increased, when a counter reaches a given number on consecutive failures the pre-defined action for the level of failure is invoked. Actions will range from the simple restart of a service through to full disaster recover failover. All actions are completely automated and require no intervention.

Due to the in-depth and high frequency testing, the OneView UX system retains detailed records of all errors and events for future examination. The OneView UX system now also integrates into RedstoneConnect’s SIEM system to record relevant MetaTrader server security information.

Parker states that, “For FX brokers every trade is money so what happens when their trading system fails. A platform crash or a windows failure perhaps. How much money are they losing every hour? We have spent a huge amount of time and effort in the services we wrap around OneView UX, especially the monitoring and issue mitigations and disaster recovery services. Our number one unique selling point at the moment, with respect to the MetaTrader platform, is that we are the only outlet that provides an automated testing system.”

Looking to the future, he says the firm plans to expand further on the functionality offered by the current testing process and gear up for increasing use of the MT5 platform.

RedstoneConnect provides:

  • - Top-tier hosting with Equinix
  • - Enterprise grade VMWare Enterprise architecture
  • - Full solid state storage platform
  • - Fully resilient infrastructure
  • - Full geographically separated business continuity as standard
  • - 24/7/365 critical support
  • - 24/7/365 systems monitoring and administration
  • - Full backup of all data every 60 seconds
  • - All core system licensing
  • - Full security perimeter
  • - Active firewall systems
  • - Intrusion detection & prevention
  • - Denial of service protection

 You can find out more about the OneView UX product by visiting  or sending an email to 

Originally published in e-forex, April 2018. Click here to review the article